Araby Express

Company Brief

Araby Express is an online marketplace for agricultural products (ranging from fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation systems to animal medications and vaccines) with more than 100 vendors and 2000 products. Moreover, Araby provides informative content to its users through their online blog that aims to empower and educate farmers.

Product Brief

Araby Express is a leading ordering system for agricultural products that enables consumers to select from thousands of genuine products with best prices while ensuring fast and safe delivery.  Araby Express allows vendors to list an unlimited number of products, in addition to providing a secure payment system with daily reports for their sales and products.

Target Market

Araby Express targets SMEs in the agricultural sector that can benefit from showcasing their products on the platform.

Our Team

Abdelaziz Elkilany

- Founder

Mai Hamed

- Co-founder



Year Established