Meet Our Team

Moaaz Mostafa


Fady Sadek


Industry:Marketing Technology / SaaS

Year Established: 2023


Our Story

BasicsEngage started as a solution to a problem I saw while working as a marketing manager in MENA based startups. There was a clear need for a marketing automation tool that not only worked well globally but also understood the unique nuances of the local markets. This is where the idea for BasicsEngage took root. I wanted to create a platform that was easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle the diverse marketing needs of businesses in the MENA region. It was about making advanced marketing growth strategies accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of expertise. This journey has been about bridging the gap between global technological advancements and the specific marketing requirements of the MENA region, and it’s been incredibly rewarding to see BasicsEngage grow into a tool that businesses here really rely on.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission:To provide intuitive, efficient, and culturally adapted marketing automation solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to grow effectively. We strive to bridge the gap between global technological innovations and local market needs, we are committed to simplifying marketing complexities, fostering growth, and driving success for businesses in the MENA region.

Our Vision: To be the leading MarTech platform in MENA by 2026

About the Product

Email Marketing

Target Market

MENA Startups and SMEs