Company Brief

Egypt has a major waste issue in regards of waste collection, adequate disposal, and recycling. These issues have negative impacts on our communities and environment and can lead to hazardous living conditions for residence. BioBekia collects waste from both homes and companies with the aim of reselling it to middlemen and recycling companies

Product Brief

Biobekia is an online platform that facilitates affordable and adequate disposal of waste to   individuals as well as business units, in a timely manner. Our customers simply ask us to collect their waste, we give them the market price for these waste materials such as used plastics. BioBekia then resells the plastic directly to recycling agencies.

Target Market

Currently, our focus area is El Menya residents, specifically in Soltan Area, New Menya & Shalaby. Once we are done with the testing phase we plan to target manufacturing companies all around Egypt.

Our Team

Hassan Aboelleil


Ali Ahmed

- Operations Manager

Amr Ezzat

- Customer service

Mohamed abdelazeem



Waste management

Year Established