Company Brief

Doorak provides an online queuing solution that enhances the waiting experience of customers, and cuts organizations losses such as walk-aways, high utility cost of serving waiting customers, and operational hassle of long queues. Doorak intends to eliminate traditional long queues, replacing them with virtual queues.

Product Brief

Doorak is a two-sided online platform that connects organizations to their customers. Customers can reserve their spot to have a service or a product at any organization, using Doorak mobile app. Through the app, customers can track their turn and allow them to go to the organization premises just in time for their turn.

Target Market

Doorak target market can be classified into two types, Users: aged 25-50 years old and Organizations: SMEs that provides services/products with traditionally long queues in sectors such as Medical, Governmental, and Banking.

Our Team

Khaled El-Sayed


Shady Atef


Mohamed El Sawi


Mohamed Fahmy

- Full Stack Developer


Booking & Queuing

Year Established