Electro Pi

Company Brief

Electro Pi aims to boost the growth of Artificial Intelligence applications in a wide range of industries through providing courses and training programs on AI applications in different industries.

Product Brief

Electro Pi deliver generic & customized training programs in the field of artificial intelligence that allow participants with no prior knowledge to build AI Solutions. Electro Pi also provides customized AI solutions for businesses.

Target Market

Electro Pi are working with B2B and B2C models. Their target markets include individuals that want to shift careers into AI development or want to learn basic AI as a tool to improve their products. Additionally, Electro Pi targets businesses with a need for an AI solution that can be used to analyze data and make better decisions or forecasts.

Our Team

Muhamed Ali Ahmed

- GM

Muhamed Essam


Muhamed Emad

- Media & Marketing

Menna Fekry

- Call Center



Year Established