Company Brief

ElGameya aims to solve the problem of funding owing to the lack of access to micro loans; considering that the majority of Egyptians don’t have bank accounts and are not familiar with the banking sector. We are specifically trying solve the issues of organizing offline money cycles “Gameya”, i.e. the waste of time, money, and effort on communicating, organizing, and money transfers.

Product Brief

ElGameya is a Fin-Tech mobile application that allows users to create, join, and manage their money cycles online in an easy, fast, and accurate way. We have created partnerships with some financial institutions, through which users can send and receive money using the application. Additionally, users will receive offers and discounts on products/services from our partners in retail and wholesale businesses

Target Market

Our key customer segment are smartphone & internet users who are familiar with the concept of money cycles “Gameya” and need  access to  micro loans for either product/service purchase or for saving purposes. The target market age ranges from 22 to 36 with an average income of 2K to 7K.

Our Team

Ahmed Mahmoud

- CEO & Founder

Nermine Ellithy

- Marketing Executive & Cofounder

Ahmed Fadl

- Business Executive & Cofounder

Omar Elmansoury

- Financial Analyst

Ibrahiem Mohamed

– Technical Executive & Cofounder


Financial Technology

Year Established