Meet Our Team

Sara Hisham

 – CEO

Ahmad Amin


Industry : Fintech

Year Established : 2020

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Company Brief

ePOD stands for Electronic Payment on Demand, we enable our customers to issue virtual cards per transaction, instead of using their physical (debit or credit) cards, eliminating the risk of exposing their card credentials. While enabling them to monitor and manage their online subscriptions

Product Brief

ePOD is a finance and subscription management platform. That enables customers to issue virtual cards to control each subscription through linking each subscription with one isolated card. So they can cancel the card whenever they no longer want to get charged. So we act as insulation layer between your main [debit/ credit card] and between your payments

Target Market

ePOD is targeting individuals who seeks to try trial subscriptions, freelancers, and even business owners. So we minimize the unwilling charges that people get charged every month