Company Brief is an award-winning fintech startup that uses machine learning and financial transaction data to recommend highly relevant products to end-users. is currently working on expanding their offering to include a credit-scoring model using alternative data through the launch of our newest product “EZLoan” in the Egyptian market.

Product Brief

Genify is currently offering two machine learning-based solutions:

1- A transaction classifier that automatically categorizes all transactions according to each client’s internal transactional history (e.g. Food & Beverage, Entertainment, Travel, etc.)

2- A recommender engine that takes in anonymized user data such as age, income & past product purchases to generate relevant banking/financial recommendations: credit cards, loans & even retail offers.

EZloan is a micro lending platform that profiles users to evaluate their risk factors and financial abilities with alternative data sources ranging from behavior on e-commerce and ride-hailing platforms to metadata extracted from their phones.

Target Market’s target market on the user side is: 21 to 40 year-old tech-savvy individuals who are either unbanked, under-banked, or need microloans for personal or business reasons. On the business side, is targeting financial institutions that offer microloans and want to expand their borrower base or have a more holistic view of their borrowers’ financial behavior and risk factors.

Our Team

Alexandre Boulenger

– CEO & Engineering Lead

Georgy Achkouty


Saulet Mukhamadiyev

– VP Business Development, UAE

Neel Vohra

– VP Business Development, Mexico

Oubay Nahas

– Business Development Strategist, UAE

Aymeric Bouvier

– Business Development Strategist

Khloud Khalid

– Country Head & Project Manager



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