Meet Our Team

Mohanad Salah


Ezz Mohammed


Mennatullah Ashraf


Industry :Healthcare

Year Established : 2022

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Our Story

As most of us, I have suffered from dehydration on several occasions and often forgot to take medication on time. On the other hand, people who try to stay hydrated, create a lot of plastic bottle waste in the process. Hydropal is your smart solution to these issues!

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Become the leading smart solution for a healthier community.

Our Vision: To be your hydration pal.

About the Product

HydroPal offers a compressible smart water bottle, giving readings of remaining needed water intake and offering a 7 partitions storage area for meds. This smart bottle is connected to an elegant smart wrist band to remind and notify you when to take the meds and calculate your daily water intake, while also measuring your pulse and BMR.

Target Market

Our target audience consists of athletes and chronic patients, ages from 18 to 55, from A & B segment.