Company Brief

Joudran provides an innovative solution in home decoration and construction industries that aims to simplify the process of buying finishing material & supplies for home & project owners.

Product Brief

Joudran is an e-commerce platform that allows its users to buy everything they need to finish their homes. The platform also allows its users to calculate the estimated budget for their finishing projects, while giving them a variety of options to choose from. Joudran offers cost-efficient and high quality installation services for mini renovating projects within 3-4 days.

Target Market

Joudran targets B2C customers like home owners who are finishing a new home or renovating a new one, as well as, B2B customers such as real estate developers that require high quality materials and supplies on monthly basis.

Our Team

Ahmed Hamoda


Ahmed Khaled

– Co-Founder


 E-Commerce (Home Decorations & Construction)

Year Established