Company Brief

Gold manufacturers often face some challenges when trying to modernize and automate their manufacturing process, such as lack of local supply and high cost of implementation and operation of such high-tech devices. Lamina intends to provide an easy and efficient solution to the issues gold manufacturers face when deploying technology in their traditional process. Lamina supplies 3D printers that manufacturers can use to build their own molds. We also provide after-sales maintenance and spare parts that they need to keep the printers running.

Product Brief

Our product is a 3D Printer that can print in very high accuracy and speed, which enables professionals to produce their work effectively. We also provide spare parts, consumables, and after-sales services for our clients.

Target Market

We target businesses in the industry of jewelry designing and manufacturing as well asdental industry (i.e. dental labs & dentists).

Our Team

Mohamed El-Hashemy


Ahmed Khalifa

- Marketing Manager


3D Printing

Year Established