Company Brief

Current available roadside assistance providers are generally known for having one or more shortcomings such as inflated/variable costs, poor customer service systems, and slow response times, resulting in serious limitations in the overall quality of service delivered to motorists in need. MAYDAY solves these problems by becoming the middleman between the service provider and those in need.

Product Brief

MAYDAY aims to close this gap by providing a real-time and safe roadside assistance service to motorists facing car trouble through a user-friendly mobile/web application utilizing location-based services to guarantee a rapid response and dispatch process. MAYDAY offers a wide range of services through connecting motorists with capable service providers in this case tow trucks or car drivers ready to help.
We offer a range of subscription models allowing users to choose the most suitable payment option while ensuring a transparent pricing and payment process is in place to avoid any complications with service providers.

Target Market

Our customer segment would be motorists in need of immediate roadside assistance, specifically those who regularly commute for long distances or usually travel to isolated areas. We are currently operating in Cairo; however, we plan to cover all of Egypt in the near future

Our Team

Mohamed Abo El Fotouh

- Head of Business Development

Islam Debdeb

- Head of Operations

Amr Essam

– Head of Marketing and Customer Experience


Roadside Assistance

Year Established