Meet Our Team

Islam Salah


Ramy Salah

  Retail Sales Manager


Year Established: 2019


Our Story

PLANQ, where a passion for technology and a dream to create an Egyptian brand in the world of computers come together. It all began at 18 when my fascination for computers led me to merge two machines, creating a powerful PC that served faithfully for over 13 years.

After working in sales for Toshiba, the idea of establishing a local computer brand persisted. Working with the Elaraby Group reinforced my belief that, with faith and goodwill, anything is possible. In 2017, I took the leap, partnering with a Chinese factory to produce 150 computers with special configurations. Despite the initial challenges, this marked the beginning of a larger vision.

Today, PLANQ is a testament to our dedication. We are committed to elevating Egyptian technology, with an ambitious plan to achieve 85% local manufacturing in the next decade. While it may seem audacious, we believe in making the impossible a reality.

Join us as we redefine the landscape of computer manufacturing in Egypt. Our vision goes beyond devices; it’s about progress, resilience, and a future where Egyptian innovation shines. Together, let’s turn dreams.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: To manufacture an Egyptian computer Brand with 90% local manufacturing and to give the best and the longest customer experience.

Our Vision: To create a better future for Egypt, by developing computer products that are accessible, affordable, and adaptable, while fostering a culture of excellence, creativity, and collaboration.

About the Product

PLANQ is an Egyptian computer brand that is dedicated to the development, and production of high-quality, affordable, and innovative computer solutions that empower its customers to achieve their personal and professional goals. PLANQ offers a wide range of products, such as laptops, desktops, monitors, tablets, and accessories.

Target Market

PLANQ computers cater to a diverse audience with a shared appreciation for technology, design, and simplicity. Primarily targeting younger to middle-aged consumers, our products are designed to meet the unique needs of:

  1. Individual Tech Enthusiasts: Those who value the latest in technology, sleek design, and a straightforward user experience.
  2. Small to Medium-sized Businesses: Seeking efficient computer solutions for graphic design, accounting, marketing, and other operational needs.
  3. Students and Professionals: Utilizing computers for education, work, and personal projects, including online courses, research, and hobbies.
  4. Homeowners: Looking for reliable computer products for entertainment, communication, and smart home applications such as streaming, gaming, and home security.

At PLANQ, we understand the varied requirements of our audience and strive to deliver innovative, user-friendly solutions that enhance every aspect of their digital experience.