Meet Our Team

Ahmed Oraby

 – CEO

Industry : Healthcare

Year Established : 2017

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Company Brief

Reaya is a Healthtech company that aims to solve the notorious issue of ICUs in Egypt. As of today there’s limited access to beds & little to no cost to value balance in the eco-system this is where Reaya comes in, allowing patient find easily & instantly an ICU bed that fits his/her budget and condition.

Product Brief

Reaya helps the patient or his representative to find the nearest hospital through location access. The app provides a database of all the hospitals in your area with respect to their price, quality, and vacancy. All you need to do is to select one or more hospital to send them the current report of the patient’s condition, within almost 20 minutes he/she will receive a response.

Target Market

Reaya’s B2B target segment is Private and Charitable Hospitals, while their B2C segment is Health Care Patients’ in the following sectors: Children,  Newborns, Chronic disease,  Heart and catheter diseases, Coronavirus disease and Quarantine.