Meet Our Team

Khaled Yehia


Nada Barakat


Omneya El Essawy


Industry : Fitness and Sports

Year Established : 2021

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Our Story

When covid-19 limited our movement in 2020, more people started realizing the negative effects of staying sedentary, from body aches to restlessness to generally being bored or in a bad mood.

The biggest challenge for people is finding nearby activities they can enjoy isn’t easy, they have to search on Facebook groups, then join WhatsApp groups just to find 1 class or sport they’d enjoy. The thought of having a variety of activities to choose from or just finding one consistent sports buddy became classified as far-fetched wishful thinking, which makes them lose their enthusiasm and give up.

SPORFE is dedicated to helping people integrate physical activity into their daily lives by eliminating the hassles & breaking the barriers that stand between them and the activities they want to enjoy for a healthier lifestyle.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Motivating people’s sports spirit by helping them find the right sports community, buddy, and making sports part of their daily routine “Sports4Life”.

Our Vision: Building the largest sports community in the Middle East.

About the Product

Sporfe is a community-based sports & fitness app that allows users to easily integrate physical activity into their daily life by bringing community members and venue classes together – all in the palm of their hand.

Target Market

Class: A to B+ | Gender: males and females | Age group: 18 to 60 years