Meet Our Team

Youssef Maged


Waleed Hassan

  Brand Designer

Industry: Robotics and Manufacturing

Year Established: 2023

Toka Robotics & IOT

Our Story

Our journey commenced with a straightforward observation – floor cleaning proves to be a time-consuming task, and conventional methods frequently entail flooding the ground with water, particularly in high-traffic zones like hospitals. Confronted by the inefficiencies of manual cleaning and the inconveniences posed by excess water, we set forth on a mission to transform the approach to floor cleaning. The spark of innovation culminated in the establishment of our startup, TOKA Robotics.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: To improve lives through innovative robotics and IoT solutions, automating routine tasks with intelligent, user-friendly products. We aim to seamlessly integrate technology into everyday life, providing convenience and efficiency for individuals and businesses, ultimately enabling a more meaningful existence.

Our Vision:To be innovative provider for robotics IoT solutions, setting the standard for making life easier through automation. We aspire to create a future where individuals and businesses can rely on our intelligent devices to effortlessly handle routine tasks, allowing them to focus on what truly matters.

About the Product

Toka Electronics offers an automated cleaning device equipped with AI and ML algorithms. The robot performs both wet and dry-cleaning tasks, dispensing sanitizer, wiping surfaces, and vacuuming. It is designed to efficiently carry out routine cleaning processes in hospitals.

Target Market

Even though the applications and usages are limitless, we are currently targeting the health sector, namely private hospitals in Egypt.