Company Brief

Vesstoss aims to eliminate issues with traffic, parking and environmental pollution, by offering an energy-efficient and practical last mile transport solution for ‘closed communities’ in Egypt.

Product Brief

Vesstoss offers a practical, low environmental impact mobility alternative, complementary to other available public transportation services as a one of a kind initiative in Egypt. Vesstoss offers the first free-floating, electric kick scooters rentals operating in closed scales communities.

Target Market

Vesstoss targets private users who live/work in closed scales communities, covering the most important compounds & touristic areas in terms of demand for transportation. Vesstoss offers a variety of plans (annual, monthly, weekly and daily plans) to meet the demand of different customers segments (such as frequent users, occasional users, tourists and corporations).

Our Team

Bemen Wagdy Gabrial

– Business Growth Strategist

Mohamed Mohi

– Head of technology

Mohamed Farouk

– Head of business Innovations



Year Established