Meet Our Team

Mohamed Elgohary


Eslam Shabana


Mahmoud Abdullah


Ahmed Mahmoud


Mohamed Elhadad


Industry : Mobility & Transportation

Year Established : 2021


Our Story

The story of VoyShip begins in 2018 with 5 friends and travel enthusiasts. They had the chance to travel frequently and were often asked to carry a few products back for friends and family. They came up with the idea of creating a local crowd-shipping platform that will change the traveling & shopping culture in Egypt.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Becoming the crowd-shipping platform number one in the Middle East.

Our Vision: Make the world closer and accessible to everyone.

About the Product

Voyship is a crowd shipping platform that connects shoppers interested in buying products in a different city whether locally or internationally with travelers who can collect and transport these items or shipments. Voyship allows the travelers to make some extra money and the shoppers to save shipping expenses.

Target Market

Frequent travelers trying to make some extra money and online shoppers looking to cut shipping expenses of their small carts.