Starup Name

AT Instruments

Company Brief

AT Instruments is a cybersecurity system that utilizes deep learning to secure smart and autonomous vehicles from malware. AT Instruments provides an easy & reliable solution that allows vehicles to protect themselves from any attack.

Product Brief

AT Instruments uses AI GPU based technology for anomaly detection in the automotive field. AT Instruments is an AI solution that understands the car behavior and predicts the anomalies that could be an attack vector that are not yet defined by any signature based approach.

Target Market

AT Instruments targets businesses that aim to provide to their customers a complete end-to-end native cyber security solution using AI. At Instruments is currently focused on the automotive industry with future plans to expand to the banking industry, healthcare and IOT.

Our Team

Moustafa Elbahaey


Abdallah Adel

- Chief Data Scientist

Ahmed Ezzat

- Chief Data Scientist


Cyber security using AI

Year Established