Meet Our Team

Ahmed Mahmoud


Safia Mohamed


Industry: E-commerce/Marketplace

Year Established: 2023


Our Story

We were involved in a tank fixation project and opted to rent two cranes. However, when it came time for execution, we received completely different cranes. Consequently, the work came to a halt for weeks, resulting in significant losses.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: To modernize and progress the experience of renting heavy equipment by cultivating a spirit of transparency, innovation, and integrity.

Our Vision: To revolutionize the heavy equipment rental industry by creating a seamless experience for businesses, making renting the preferred solution. We aspire to lead the paradigm shift towards a circular economy, where the lifecycle of heavy equipment is optimized through efficient and eco-friendly renting/leasing practices.

About the Product

HE-Rental is an online marketplace for heavy equipment rental.

Target Market

Tailored for the clientele of HE Rental the target audience includes construction firms, port facilities, factories, companies in facility management, mining enterprises, and those involved in agriculture.