Meet Our Team

Nader Hosny

  Fullstack Developer

Mohamed Magdy

  Product Manager

Shaher Kordy

  Senior Product Designer

Dason Thomas

Global PR

Industry: MediaTech / Disruptech

Year Established: 2022


Our Story

We are a passionate team with a strong proficiency in technology, and we share a deep love for the media industry, particularly series and advertisement shooting. Our journey has always been fueled by the excitement of solving problems, leveraging our tech expertise. Given our collective passion for the arts, including musical instruments, advertisements, and the broader media field, we identified a substantial information gap at the intersection of technology and the media industry. Motivated by this realization and inspired by the abundant technological opportunities in the Middle East, we have dedicated ourselves to bridging this gap and bringing innovative solutions to life.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Empowering talents in the media industry through a seamless fusion of technology and physical collaboration spaces. Our mission is to bridge the information gap, connect aspiring individuals with industry experts, and provide a dynamic environment for real-life collaboration, learning, and creativity.

Our Vision: To redefine the media industry by creating a global ecosystem where technology and physical hubs converge, facilitating talent discovery, collaborative learning, and creative endeavors. We envision a future where our platform and physical hubs inspire innovation, turning aspirations into successful careers in the dynamic world of media.

About the Product

LConnect offers a comprehensive platform that seamlessly connects talents with media industry experts, including directors, production houses, and casting agencies. Our app facilitates talent discovery, allowing individuals to showcase their skills and apply for jobs effortlessly, offering comprehensive features such as talent recommendations and matching. To complement our digital platform, we have established physical media hubs where people can collaborate in person, attend courses, and create content like podcasts.

Target Market

Our target audience is mainly aspiring talents and industry experts in the media sector.