Meet Our Team

Mena Ibrahim


Emad Adel

  Head of Partnership

Shimaa Abdelrahman

  Brand Manager

Emad Mikhail

Technical Team-Lead

Industry : Automotive / FinTech

Year Established : 2021

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Our Story

During my working experience with importers through owning a car service center, I was shocked by how this huge market still operates without technology solutions. That created some major issues within the spare-parts market, such as non-transparent prices and delivery delays along with being a cash-dependent market. So, we created MrBstm to be the beating heart of service centers and retailers, empowering them to grow bigger and faster.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Re-designing spare parts ecosystem.

Our Vision: Digitizing the spare parts supply chain through our B2B e-commerce platform to bridge the huge gap between the Service centers, retailers, and their suppliers.

About the Product

We provide a one-stop-shop solution for service centers and retailers, to get their whole buying and paying job done with MrBstm by offering innovative finance solutions, digitizing the flow of inventory through a pull-driven supply chain. 

Target Market

Service Centers and Retailers in Egypt